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Terme di Montepulciano

Montepulciano, land of wine and water. Special water that flows in a basin as a belvedere overlooking the Val di Chiana. A place where it is easy, pleasant and natural regain better than life, a place that is like a temple dedicated to beauty and health, with a myriad of treatments and application that lead back to the thermal spa.




L'acqua degli dei 

La Val di Chiana ha confini sfumati come la lievità delle sue albe, come il rosseggiare dei tramonti che si riflettono nel mare immoto delle Crete, biancane di raro fascino, negli orridi dell’Orcia, che baluginano sugli specchi d'acqua di Chiusi e Montepulciano, che s'inabissano nel mistero profondo della civiltà etrusca ad esplorare il labirinto di Porsenna, che rimbalzano sulle asperità del Cetona e infine sgorgano vitali nelle fonti di Chianciano Terme e San Casciano dei Bagni.




Sorgenti divine 

Even before the Romans, the Etruscans first discovered the beneficial and tied their cults to spring waters. The icy waters, from the peaks of the wooded heights, warm waters, from the belly of the hills; boiling water, from the Mount Amiata, an ancient volcano not far away.




The most beautiful spas in the world: a claim of absolute value that comes from an excellent witness, since we are talking of Travel Leisure magazine. 



Terme di Chianciano 

Parks and vintage Fellini atmosphere that perfectly combines with other structures from the futuristic architecture, always to the pursuit of wealth as an applied science to the ancient tradition. 



Terme Sant'Elena 

A small well-kept park, shady, green, a magical place where spring water from the properties that make them valuable.  




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