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Val di Chiana, blue rhapsody

This valley is a huge fertile plain, bordering Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany. It is characterized by cultivation of excellent productions, such as the olive and the vine, and an agricultural production level so high as to have become the symbol of the Terre di Siena, and of entire region. We are in the land of "good", then, but we are also in the land of "beautiful”. Many villages dot the surrounding hills jewel with their unique heritage of art and history, which tell us of the Etruscans, Romans, and of the Renaissance age. And then there are the spas. The water is the protagonist of this territory , manifesting itself not only in the sources but also beneficial in the two lakes of Chiusi and Montepulciano, representing today's two oasis of peace and life for many birds and animals that find their paradise.

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Terredisiena Chianciano Terme:la ninfa e la super luna su Facebook #Chianciano Terme:the Nymph and the Supermoon on Fb page #Tuscany #ToscanaOvunqueBella pic.twitter.com/OvCfAEN8HJ
Terredisiena Tra la terra e il cielo, l'Abbazia di #SanGalgano . Between Earth and sky, San Galgano Abbey. Ph. Crdits Francesco Santantoni Flickr #Tuscany pic.twitter.com/yuDqQYmBtp
Terredisiena Il Castello delle Quattro Torra è il più importante vicino #Siena . Four-Towers Castle: the most important around Siena. Ph. franceslodge.eu pic.twitter.com/BCsCx7w5Td


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