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Traveling with the Treno Natura

Treno Natura

The Treno Natura 2015 [2015 Nature Train] earned the Province of Siena the 1st Prize at the 5th Go Slow–Co.Mo.Do International Contest, the only and most important Italian award addressed to Public Administrations and Landscape Architecture Studies for soft mobility projects and for the development of eco-friendly outdoor tourism. On the wake of this success, a rich calendar of train rides is already being prepared for 2015. The complete list, with full details on registration, fares and related events will shortly be available here.

But where does all the success of the Treno Natura come from? Undoubtedly, the main reason is that this lovely steam train really takes you back in time; not only because of the completely original centoporte [multi-door] carriages, but also because of the rural events encountered along the way.
The train ride will stir a whirlwind of emotions that will mesmerise the children and rekindle the memories of those who are a little older. A success confirmed by the great number of travellers who come back, year after year, from all over Italy and not only, to relive this somewhat surreal experience.
Many are the itineraries, unusual and irresistible all of them, because of the beauty of the lands crossed and because some vistas and some perspectives can be enjoyed only from the train.
In some stretches there are no roads besides the railroad and only cultivated fields and flocks of sheep can be seen: time has really come to a stop and the Treno Natura gives us the access key.
You will be able to detrain at romantic stations to then venture along foot trails, to reach churches, towns and castles, to stop at a farm for a tasting and to seize the opportunity to take part in feasts and festivals.



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