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Trekking nelle Terre di Siena

Trekking on foot



Terre di Siena isn’t a particularly vast area, yet you can walk forever, intersecting different paths, getting delightfully lost in the countryside, continuing for a few more kilometres just so that you can enjoy coming back and stopping in a spa centre or at a grange, or even just admiring the harmonious elegance of a group of cypresses. Of course you can also follow the various itineraries that not only wind through the most beautiful parts of Tuscany, travelling for different distances, but also offer the chance to appreciate cultural and historical attractions that make them much more than just your average trekking trip. Walking offers an opportunity to see the area with different eyes, breathing in its history and knowledge along with the good air that, thank heavens and thanks also to the civil farsightedness of the local people, is one of the many excellent things we are able to offer.



In collaborazione con Toscana Promozione


Twitter - @Terredisiena

Terredisiena CANTINE APERTE, 28-29 maggio le cantine apriranno le porte ai wine lovers bit.ly/1SniIhm pic.twitter.com/Qt31z3r6Wn
Terredisiena 2 Giugno 2016 Chianti Classic, a spasso per la Berardenga ed il Chianti bit.ly/1TncVax pic.twitter.com/QJxp1yJipf
Terredisiena Domenica 22 maggio, sienafrancigena, il trekking dedicato alla Via Romea: 4 km da Porta Camollia a Porta Romana pic.twitter.com/AQBaaviUXU


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