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Tradition of taste

The orient’s spicy tastes characterise the sweets production of the Terre di Siena. These sweets of medieval origins were born in monasteries and developed by the skilled hands of the apothecaries; their recipes are now handed down in traditional workshops. Their taste seems immemorial, indissolubly bound to the most sacred family celebrations in our taste buds’ memory.




Sienese cooking is steeped in history. Its vast array is fascinating to study and even more enjoyable to taste. PANFORTE is a spice cake with almonds, candied fruits and honey which can be kept for several months. PANPEPATO is the ancestor of Panforte, with honeymixed spices and loads of pepper and ginger. It is considered to have aphrodisiac properties.
CAVALLUCCI are a dense and filling cookie made with walnuts, candied fruit, honey and delicious mix of spices, including anisette which gives them a rice tint of black liquorice. RICCIARELLI, are some of the most famous sweets of Siena...


L'Enoteca Italiana 

Siena’s Enoteca Italiana is a public organisation which has promoted the quality of Italian wines since the 1970s. It is located in the Fortezza Medicea which Grand Duke Cosimo I commissioned from Baldassarre Lanci in 1561.




Senarum Vinea 

They are called Gorgottesco , Tenerone , Salamanna , Blackthorn kind, Rossone , Bashful and are distinguished from varieties best known especially for a special feature: for hundreds of years on their terroir of choice is the city of Siena.




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