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Terre di Siena on Foot: The right value of Time.



Here time is still incredibly valuable, not so much in terms of time saved, time wasted or time to chase in a race where the loser will always be man. We see time as being valuable in terms of the slowness of the seconds that pass, of the moments to be enjoyed walking unhurriedly through the valleys, climbing the hills to the rhythm of a heartbeat, stopping… to watch. Yes, simply to watch, closely observing what nature and man’s skilful and respectful hands have made so harmoniously. From the window of a car as it belts down the road you can see a thousands of things in a second, without even catching a glimpse of the details that make the difference.

Here, the ancient pathways, the early roads traced following the footsteps of the most adventurous of men, the un-surfaced "white" roads, to be travelled on foot, feeling the stones beneath your feet and breathing in the dust, still mean something. All this helps us understand that here, not only can time be slowed down, bringing it back to a more man-sized pace, it can even be stopped.
Because if time is precious, we need to dose it carefully. In Terre di Siena. We advise those who aren’t particularly familiar with the area to engage the services of an expert guide and to get as much information as possible from the provincial tourist board (IAT offices), before setting out on their chosen journey, especially when undertaking paths that require more commitment. Conditions can change easily depending on the time of the year and it is not always possible to indicate interruptions to paths or diversions in real time. Always carry a good map with you.






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