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SPA & Wellness in Terre di Siena


Over ten types of water, all characterised by different properties but with one thing in common; they are all spa waters with specific natural temperatures and beneficialcurative properties.

Siena is the Italian province with the highest concentration of spa facilities on offer and the first large area in Europe to be certified as entirely carbon free. With its eleven active natural spa centres, the Terre di Siena (Tuscany) launch #termedisienalovers, the first 100% certified natural spa holiday, to enjoy the city and province of Siena all year round. A completely innovative network of spa heritage to discover and visit.
The road to wellness A new way of visiting the area, through its rich spa heritage. In a weekend it is possible to visit the spas of the Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with the historical beauty and breath-taking landscapes of Bagno Vignoni, with the famous “flooded square” so dear to Saint Catherine and Lorenzo de’ Medici, the “Parco dei Mulini” (Park of the Mills) and natural auteur film set. Then there is Bagni San Filippo, with the majesty of the “white whale”, surrounded by nature. Nearby is San Casciano dei Bagni, with its discretely elegant and luxurious spa centre, enhanced by a flourishing natural setting and featuring splendid examples of 17th century architecture and a total of 42 spa springs. The tour continues to Rapolano Terme, its spas perfectly representing the combination between tradition and innovation, history and modernity. In Terre di Siena you will be spoilt for choice. Besides offering curative treatments, Chianciano Terme also has two of Italy’s leading, state-of-the-art spa wellness structures: the Terme Sensoriali (Sensorial Spas), built in compliance with the principles of bio-construction, and the spa pool park Theia – Il Bagno degli Etruschi (The Bath of the Etruscans), which has a series of indoor and outdoor pools equipped with fountains, whirlpools and “swan’s neck” style water jets, to regain the perfect mental and physical balance. Last, but not least, the architectural wonders of Montepulciano, which boasts a young and dynamic spa system comprising a wellness centre, a centre for cosmetic medicine and the ancient spa of Petriolo in Monticiano, the beneficial properties of which have been recognised since the days of the Romans and Etruscans.
Beneficial waters that are unique in the world Over ten types of water, all characterised by different properties but with one thing in common; they are all 100% spa waters with specific natural temperatures and beneficial curative properties. The perfect healthcare waters for the prevention and treatment of a variety of pathologies ranging from respiratory ailments to muscular and skeletal problems; as well as hepato-biliary, renal and gastrointestinal complaints. But the waters of the Terre di Siena are also ideal for relaxing and resting too.
Terme di Siena Lovers They are usually about 50 years old and have a high social and economic profile. Over 60% are well educated (high school or university graduate) and currently employed (almost 20% are self-employed). Terme di Siena lovers are the visitors to Siena’s spas. They love to combine a spa holiday with nature, excellent food and wine and visits to the art towns. A rich offer in the Terre di Siena, which has made sustainable tourism and respectful travelling its priority.
For more information: www.terresiena.it/terme/

Terre di Siena: the place the wellbeing of the spa calls home
Terre di Siena has the highest concentration of spa facilities in Italy and possibly the world. This probably depends on the fact that it is close to an ancient extinct volcano, Mount Amiata, which rises in the south of the province, looking out onto the Val d’Orcia, where Terre di Siena borders with Lazio and Umbria. Anyway, there really are a huge number of spa facilities.
Arriving from the south, the first one you will come across is Fonteverde, in San Casciano dei Bagni, in Val di Chiana, described by a well-known American magazine as “the world’s most beautiful spa”. At the edge of the Val d’Orcia is Bagni San Filippo, right at the foot of Mount Amiata, with its imposing white limestone cascades that look like ice. Then Bagno Vignoni, with its spectacular “water square”, the almost metaphysical set for so many famous films.
Returning towards the Val di Chiana, we come to Chianciano Terme, with its “Fellini-style” spas and some innovative structures like the Terme Sensoriali and the Theia spa pools, which have opened just recently and are able to guarantee real spa wellbeing. Heading north, close to the wine town, we reach Terme di Montepulciano.
Rapolano Terme, with the two centres of Terme San Giovanni and Antica Querciolaia, occupies an area made up entirely of nature and travertine, on the road to Siena. The modern and innovative Terme di Petriolo are practically in Siena, just a stone’s throw from the centre. Terre di Siena, with its cultural heritage, excellent food and wine and spas – real spas – is the home of the most authentic and effective spa wellbeing.

Pools in Terre di Siena
Starting from Chianciano Terme, we find the new Theia spa pools, the bath of the Etruscans, which enrich that offered by Siena’s Spa System. These pools, which were opened just recently, are next to the historical Sillene spa centre and they are seven altogether, some indoor and some outdoor. The water that feeds them is rich in carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate, bicarbonate and solvates, and it performs an effective anti-inflammatory action on the muscular and bone structures, as well as having skin nourishing properties. The pools have fountains and whirlpools too. The search for wellbeing continues in the spa pool of Bagni San Filippo, in the municipality of Castiglion d’Orcia, in the pools of Mount Amiata. The large pool is fed by cascades of hot spa water, under which you can enjoy a relaxing and beneficial natural whirlpool massage. Everything is particularly beautiful in winter, when the steam that rises from the surface creates a very surreal atmosphere. Not far away, near the Via Cassia, lies Bagno Vignoni, famed since Roman times for its spa waters, which spring up from underground at a temperature of about 50°C. Their properties, which are extremely beneficial to arthritis and rheumatism, are exploited by three spa centres: Hotel Posta Marcucci, Adler Thermae and Hotel Le Terme. Further north, in the heart of the Crete Senesi, the little town of Rapolano Terme is home to two spa facilities: Terme Antica Querciolaia, with its system of indoor and outdoor pools, fed by springs at different temperatures, and Terme San Giovanni, the waters of which are particularly well-suited to the treatment of the locomotor and respiratory systems. The municipality of San Casciano Bagni houses the Fonteverde Spa Centre, the pools of which are fed by no fewer than 42 springs at different temperatures. Another place not to miss are the Therapeutic Spa Baths of Terme di Petriolo, with their hyper-thermal water at a temperature of 43°C.

Beauty per aquam…at the spas of Siena
People go to spa centres to cure a whole variety of ailments, but also for beauty treatments, to feel more attractive, toned and healthy, in preparation for the year’s most important celebrations. Spa waters and muds rich in mineral salts, associated with state-of-the-art cosmetics and the most innovative techniques in the field of cosmetic medicine, restore luminosity to skin, firmness to tissues and a sense of general wellbeing to body and soul.
Not just salus per aquam, but also beauty per aquam.
Here we are going to present some of the most tempting beauty-care proposals, all just waiting for you at the facilities of the Siena Spa System.

Centro Termale Fonteverde
Body moisture
Moisturising treatment using spa water trace elements (magnesium, fluorine and calcium) combined with a relaxing massage. Duration: approximately 50 minutes.
Enriched ripe mud treatment
Anti-cellulite version: specific treatment to prevent and minimise the orange peel effect typical of cellulite, thanks to the use of spa mud and specific purifying and soothing synergies. Firming/draining version: exclusive treatment with enriched spa mud, the perfect aid for cases of lack of muscle tone, heavy legs and circulatory problems. Duration: approximately 50 minutes.
Illuminating treatment with spa clay
Delicate facial cleanse using spa mud and vegetal phyto-extracts, conveying an immediate brightening effect. Duration: approximately 50 minutes.

Terme Antica Querciolaia
Leg and Bottom Pack
Super firming, ideal for dynamic women who want to stay in shape. Recommended after losing a lot of weight or after gaining weight for a variety of reasons. Duration: approximately 110 minutes.
Torso Firming Pack
Treatment recommended for fatty deposits on hips and abdomen, when there is a lack of harmony between upper body and legs or lack of muscle tone in the arms. Also suitable for treating muscular tension.
Duration: approximately 110 minutes.

Anti-age Aroma Facial
Use of spa water and a special combination of essential oils for a deeply relaxing and reviving facial massage with a purifying, nourishing, firming effect. Duration: approximately 25 minutes.

Terme Sensoriali
Winter Special Treatment
The “Winter Special” treatment lasts over an hour; this time is dedicated to both face and body by highly expert operators and beauty therapists. It begins with a gentle scrub to thoroughly cleanse the skin, followed by the application of a nourishing mixture containing honey and sugar.
Terme Sillene
A mine full of mineral salts
Purifying and re-mineralising beauty mud pack, followed by a hot and pampering spa bath. Duration: approximately 60 minutes.

Terme di Montepulciano
Hydro treatment for legs
Reactivate peripheral circulation and tone leg muscles by walking through pools filled with water at different temperatures. This treatment is excellent when followed by a whirlpool massage which associates the properties of spa water with the action performed underwater by the whirlpool. It has a stimulating effect on the peripheral circulatory system and a relaxing action. Duration: approximately 60 minutes.
Sulphur Shower
Energy-giving and toning massage with jets of spa water. This stimulates the circulation and leaves the skin feeling wonderful. Duration: approximately 20 minutes.
Mud mask
After gently and deeply cleansing the face to free the skin from all impurities, a mud mask is applied to rebalance and revitalise. A combination of clay, spa water and specific cosmetic active ingredients restores tone and firmness to the face. Duration: approximately 60 minutes.

Terme di Petriolo
Relaxing Spa Bath
Spa bath with ozone-infused whirlpool, offering a relaxing, toning and anti-fatigue action, effective on the whole body. To restore softness, purity and beauty to the skin, thanks to the combined and synergic action of spa water and exclusive clay salts and essential oils. Duration: approximately 20 minutes.
Full-body Spa Mud
Treatment with spa mud at a temperature of 47°C, followed by a dip in an ozone-infused spa whirlpool and a quick rub with oils, combining the therapeutic properties of the mud with an analgesic, relaxing effect on the whole muscle-bone system, ideal for healing following injury. The perfect detoxing and energising treatment. Duration: approximately 30 minutes.
Detoxing spa mask
Particularly suitable for combination or problem skins, it performs a purifying action and produces an immediate beautifying effect. Recommended for contrasting the cell aging process, it offers a protective action to normalise and tone the skin. Duration: approximately 30 minutes.

Terme San Giovanni
Spa Balance
Skin purifying, nourishing and moisturising treatment, specifically adjusted to suit every skin requirement. Thanks to the action of specific spa products, it favours an effective rebalancing action. Duration: approximately 55 minutes.
Firming body treatment with gold
This treatment leaves the body’s skin looking compact and bright. The gold contained in colloidal form stimulates the skin and increases the production of the elastin required to keep skin firm and healthy. Duration: approximately 55 minutes.

Adler Spa Resorts
Aqua Relax
The magic of water for complete regeneration, to rediscover unique wellbeing. It is definitely worth your while to enjoy a short stay and try out one of the many wellbeing proposals that are available. Quiet and Relaxation, for example, which comprises: a relaxing and slimming mud bath, beneficial to the whole body; a lavender-based anti-stress treatment recommended to aid sleep and relaxation; a gentle full-body massage, accompanied by a hot bath with cream, passion flower infusion, camomile, verbena and lavender essential oils. Lastly: a water Zen massage, for the rebalancing and deep relaxation of body and mind, thanks to the benefits of spa water and the manual pressure of Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Thai massage.

The Spas of Siena on your smartphone
Information, opening hours, proposals and special offers to help you choose and book treatments and stays at one of Siena’s spa centres. Tourism at your fingertips, directly on your smartphone. This is now a reality, thanks to the new application “Siena App Terme”.
At the moment, three centres belonging to the Siena Spa System have joined the project: Terme di Chianciano, Terme di Petriolo, in Monticiano, and Terme Antica Querciolaia, in Rapolano Terme. For every structure there is a dedicated, clearly detailed and user-friendly page containing addresses, a description of the treatments, prices, special offers and useful information to help you choose and book just what’s right for you.
And that’s not all! For the launch phase, a promotional loyalty service has been set up. For every daily admission to one of the three spa centres, taking a photo of the QR code at the entrance to the structure using the App, you can accumulate attendances and turn them into coupons to use in exchange for free admission or packages.
The app is free to download from the App store. At the moment it is available for iPad and iPhone only, but will soon be available for Android too. The other spa centres in the area can also join too.
A new and interactive tool for tourism, which joins the websites www.termebenessere.terresiena.it (currently undergoing restyling), where all the information you need on Siena’s Spa System is available, and www.terresiena.it, which offers access to all the tourism and cultural proposals of the area.
Bagni San Filippo: primordial wellbeing
Bagni San Filippo is a tiny little village with inestimable wealth: that of its very hot spa waters that bubble up at the foot of Mount Amiata. This mountain is a dormant volcano which has not shown any activity for thousands of years, but it still has a hot, beating heart. This is proven by the presence of hot spa water which, having filtered through the ground, rich in noble minerals, is warmed in its depths before returning to the surface at a temperature of 48°C. The waters of Terme di Bagni San Filippo are classified as sulphur-sulphate-calcium-magnesium waters and they have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing properties for the joints. They are also fluidifying and anti-microbic for mucous membranes. The natural muds that are deposited by the waters are extremely effective and, when added to clay and left to mature, they are successfully used in the treatment of numerous skin disorders (such as eczema, psoriasis, teenage acne, itching and dermatitis) and of osteo-neuro-joint diseases. In terms of wellbeing and beauty, both water and mud are effectively used in the wellbeing centre for a very wide range of treatments.
The spa pool is absolutely beautiful, fitting perfectly into the green of the woods, offering a fabulous view over the Val d’Orcia, declared “World Heritage” by UNESCO.
Just above the village, only a few kilometres away, towers Mount Amiata which, with its height of over 1,700 metres, is one of the highest peaks in Tuscany. For winter sports enthusiasts there are lift systems and lots of ski slopes for people with all levels of experience, as well as some cross-country skiing tracks snaking through the thick beech woods and conifer forests that characterise the mountain. Another two of the area’s riches, mushrooms and chestnuts, come directly from the woods too, and both are featured, with outstanding results, in much of the local cuisine.
Bagno Vignoni, the agora of spa wellbeing
This is one of the medieval villages in Tuscany that retains almost all of its original construction. Like every other Tuscan village, this one too has its centre built around the square, which is surrounded by most of the houses and the church. Only in Bagno Vignoni, the square is made… of water. The whole village was born around a huge stone bath into which bicarbonate-sulphate-alkaline-earthy water springs up at a temperature of 49°C. This water is probably another product of the underground activity of the extinct volcano, Amiata. Internationally famous names of the past have bathed here, such as Pope Pius II Piccolomini, Saint Catherine of Siena and Lorenzo the Magnificent, who used to bring his whole court of nobles and knights with him. Lower down, lapped by the Via Francigena, the Val d’Orcia, declared “World Heritage” by UNESCO, stretches out. Today these waters are used for perfect psychological and physical recovery by many “pilgrims of wellbeing”, who are always in search of places to recuperate with natural methods. And here they succeed completely. There are three spa structures in Bagno Vignoni. Hotel Le Terme, which overlooks the big “water square” (www.albergoleterme.it); Posta Marcucci, which faces the “Mulini” archaeology complex (www.hotelpostamarcucci.it) and, not far away, overlooking the valley, Adler Thermae (www.adler-thermae.com). All three offer superior quality hospitality and excellent service in the name of the finest and most exclusive spa wellbeing.

Chianciano Terme, an authentic spa town
Chianciano Terme is one of the few authentic “spa towns” in the world. The concept of “spa town” is not a claim to attract visitors, but the perfect definition of a place which has always been devoted to spa wellbeing. To be able to bear this title, the entire urban context has to be geared towards living in symbiosis with the spa treatment centres and the operators and, even more so, the residents in general, have to have matured, generation after generation, a true vocation for hospitality in this very special and delicate branch of tourism. In Chianciano Terme, in addition to inhalation and mineral water therapies, it is possible to enjoy real spa wellbeing, thanks to the wealth of springs that were already well-known more than two thousand years ago. A few years ago, the Terme Sensoriali were built at the Acquasanta Spa Park. They are based upon the most modern principles of naturopathy. At this spa it is possible to follow four wellbeing itineraries which rebalance the chakras and are developed around twenty different treatments:
Energising: a programme formulated for problems relating to a lack of energy, a sluggish immune system, anxiety, insecurity, insomnia, poor physical and mental health, agitation and panic attacks.
Relaxing: recommended for those who suffer from states of agitation and anxiety, vasomotor and muscle tension migraines, and stress. Particularly suitable in all those cases in which there is a need to achieve physical and mental relaxation and relieve musculoskeletal tension.
Purifying: formulated to detox the body and mind, to eliminate the toxins built up due to poor diet, incorrect lifestyles, use of medication and intestinal bacterial imbalances. It drains and purifies the body, with immediately visible effects upon the skin.
Rebalancing: formulated to restore harmony to body, mind and soul.
In December 2013 (just a few days ago), in the higher part of Chianciano Terme, close to an archaeological site dedicated to Diana Sillene, goddess of the springs, the Theia Spa Pools – the Bath of the Etruscans, were opened. The state-of-the-art complex, designed according to the principles of bio-construction, consists of four outdoor pools and three indoor pools, totalling 536 square metres, fed by the water of the Sillene spring which bubbles up from a depth of 120 metres. The water enters the pools at temperatures between 33 and 36°C, depending on the pool, making it perfect for people without particular pathologies. All the pools are connected to each other and feature fountains, neck jets and whirlpools with beds. This water helps cure dermatitis and aesthetic problems.
The surrounding landscape is absolutely beautiful, allowing guests to relax and recuperate their physical and mental wellbeing and equilibrium while admiring the most breath-taking Tuscan countryside. Next to the Theia Spa Pools is the Sillene Spa. Here, along with mineral water treatments, muds are applied to the hepatic area to complete the treatment. Also at this spa centre, waters and muds are used to treat arthritis and rheumatism, and for rehabilitation purposes. Chianciano Terme is not just… spas. The fortune of this town lies in its landscape and historical, natural and cultural settings. Just a few kilometres separate it from art towns like Montepulciano, Pienza – UNESCO World Heritage - Cortona, Orvieto, Arezzo and, of course, Siena. Florence and Perugia are also close by and can both be reached by car in about an hour, and the Val d’Orcia – another place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List – is just 5 km away. So every time you finish your treatment in the spa you can soak up the local culture.
The food and wine culture is another aspect not to miss, locally associated with Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianina beef and Cinta Senese pork, sheep’s milk cheeses from Pienza and extra-virgin olive oil. Relaxing is great, but the palate has to be taken care of too. It is really easy to reach Chianciano Terme because it is in the centre of Italy and served by the Autostrada del Sole A1 motorway (Chiusi – Chianciano Terme exit) and the Florence-Rome railway line (Chiusi- Chianciano Terme Station). Florence airport is an hour away by car. Those of Pisa and Rome are about two hours away.
THEIA “the bath of the Etruscans”: the new pride and joy of Chianciano Terme.

A new and irresistible attraction for those in search of physical and mental wellbeing, cradled by real spa waters in a beautiful, state-of-the-art structure of outstanding emotional impact.

“Water is an essential element in the composition of our cells, indispensable to life and to our metabolism” says Doctor Elena Guarneri, specialist in cosmetic medicine and in cosmetic and general surgery. “During the gestation period, a human foetus is immersed in amniotic fluid, so it is easy to imagine that the watery environment is perceived, also psychologically, as pleasant, reassuring and even capable of treating numerous problems. This is confirmed by the proven effectiveness of thalassotherapy (bathing in sea water) and spa treatments. Since ancient times, the therapeutic properties of bathing in spa water have been recognised and are undisputed, with specific recommendation for a variety of pathologies and organic imbalances”.
Chianciano Terme has always boasted a highly prestigious range of spa centres and advanced spa treatments and, now, that range is enhanced by a new complex called Theia “the bath of the Etruscans”, which just recently opened to the public. Theia, “she who shines from afar”, was the mother of Selene in Etruscan mythology, so it was only natural that the brand new spa pools be named after her. There are four outdoor and three indoor pools, all connected together to form over 500 square metres of pool, fed by the water of Sillene thermal spring.
Rich in carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate, bicarbonate and sulphates, making them cloudy, these waters perform an anti-inflammatory action on the muscle and bone systems and an eutrophic action on the skin.
Dr Guarneri continues: “Thanks to their rich content of carbon dioxide, carbonates and sulphates, the waters of Chianciano Terme that feed the Theia pools have a tangibly beneficial effect on problems affecting the locomotor system (muscles and bones) and also the skin. People of both sexes and all ages can, thanks to these waters, enjoy a considerable improvement in the symptoms of arthritis and arthrosis, fibromyalgia, injuries and rehabilitation after cerebrovascular accidents (strokes) leaving them with difficulty in moving. Likewise, the dermis and epidermis of patients affected by seborrhoea, psoriasis, eczema and skin irritations can benefit considerably from specific spa treatments.
The water of the Theia spa purifies body and soul and proves to be a valid aid, free from risks and side effects, that we should all try in order to feel good”.
The temperature of the water in the pools is between 33 and 36°C, so even the outdoor pools can be used in winter, apart from Tuesdays, when the centre is closed. All the pools are fitted with fountains, whirlpools with beds, “swan neck” water jets for application to the neck area, seats, barrels and a “well”, which is a very impressive spa water fountain. The area around the pools and the outdoor areas too are furnished with deckchairs, loungers, umbrellas, tables and chairs, and there is a bar serving hot and cold snacks.

Acqua Santa of Terme di Chianciano, for natural wellbeing
Acqua Santa of Chianciano Terme is rich in beneficial properties and, as of today, you can bring its virtues home, thanks to agreements with two major international names in the health and cosmetics sector.
“Tisalya” is the first range of herbal infusions made with Acqua Santa of Terme di Chianciano and herbal extracts obtained using ultrasound technology. The dissolved herbal extracts possess the numerous virtues of this water: re-mineralising, purifying, rich in trace elements, protective and detoxifying for the bile ducts and liver.
You can choose the wellbeing and beauty programme that is best for you from four different kits: detoxifying (with gentian, angelica, camomile, rhubarb, grapefruit, centaurium erythraea, yarrow and star anise), slimming (mate, birch, horsetail, cascara buckthorn, ginger, grapefruit, galega, yarrow, angelica and star anise), toning (sweet orange, meadowsweet, horsetail, bearberry, grapefruit, coffee, mate, kola nuts and ginseng), anti-cellulite (birch, centaurium erythraea, artichoke, mint, grapefruit, fucus, mate, cinnamon, juniper and meadowsweet).
These herbal infusions are free from sugar, alcohol, colorants, flavourings, gluten, and GM plants, and are sweetened with stevia, making them calorie-free.
The union of the therapeutic properties of Acqua Santa of Terme di Chianciano and the Alfaparf Group has generated a new product range for body and hair which exploits the natural re-mineralising, balancing and derma-purifying action of the spa water.
Thanks to its bicarbonate-sulphate-calcium content, it performs a re-mineralising action which helps the skin to gain new life, while the sulphur and magnesium content favours the purifying effect necessary to restore the balance of the skin and scalp.
Montepulciano: excellent water (not to mention the wine)
The Terme di Montepulciano are in the southern part of the province of Siena. Being relatively new compared to others within the Siena Spa System (they opened in 1966), they are equipped with the latest technologies, applied using an ancient and highly effective element: spa water. Due to its chemical and physical composition, the water of the Terme di Montepulciano is particularly well-suited to the prevention and treatment of numerous problems affecting various organs and systems within the body, but also for the beauty of men and women.
Used for baths, mud packs and aerosol treatments or for insufflation, besides tackling, solving and preventing a range of respiratory or hearing-related problems, the waters are extremely good for vascular pathologies. Examples include the contrasting of the discomfort caused by heavy legs, arthritic and rheumatic ailments and dermatological and gynaecological conditions.
The Terme di Montepulciano are a source of wellbeing, also offering the possibility to solve certain small aesthetic problems that could seem secondary if it weren’t for the fact that they create a sense of discomfort which has an effect on overall wellbeing. We are talking about treatments that can intervene positively on numerous problems caused by tiredness, ageing or even some forms of pathology. Dull skin, cellulite, crow’s feet and sagging tissues: at the Terme di Montepulciano, all members of staff are fully trained to analyse and identify the combination of treatments most capable of restoring beauty, relief and firmness.
While parents are undergoing their treatments, the Terme di Montepulciano also devote time to the health of their children in the very colourful, state-of-the-art children’s department. On the basis of the principle that early treatment of children’s pathologies can prevent certain severe problems in adulthood, pathologies of the respiratory and ear, nose and throat systems, recurring tonsillitis, bronchial asthma, otitis and what is known as rhinogenous deafness are carefully treated. These same conditions are also treated in the adult department.
During their free time, as well as taking care of their health and beauty needs, guests can also enjoy the beauty of the local culture and food. We are just a stone’s throw from the old town of Montepulciano, the “pearl of the 16th century”, with its incredible heritage of Renaissance buildings, valuable works of art and bright, spacious squares, like Piazza Grande, the meeting place for the townspeople.
Other works of art include the underground monumental cellars which can be found everywhere. This is where great wines, such as the famous Nobile di Montepulciano (yet another work of art), repose. Of course you will have the opportunity to pair this wine with the characteristic local cuisine - traditional and authentic Sienese country recipes - served in the town’s many restaurants.
Terme di Petriolo: wellbeing and nature just outside Siena
The Terme di Petriolo date back to ancient times. The first news of them dates back to 1230, when they were known as “Bagni di Petriolo”, but some documents state that this spa water was already used in Etruscan and Roman times. During the Renaissance, the Terme di Petriolo received highly illustrious guests, including cardinals, condottieri, military men and rulers, such as the Gonzaga family and the Duke of Urbino. The waters, which spring up near the River Farma, are classified as hyper-thermal as they have a temperature of 43°C. The spring feeds the beautiful pools, from which there is a breathtaking view over the nature reserve known as the Riserva Naturale del basso Merse.
Not only do these pools offer a general state of wellbeing, they also help prevent and treat various chronic pathologies. Preventive and treatment actions are also carried out with the mud and inhalation therapies performed in the spa centre, which has recently been fully refurbished. The new spa centre (Loc. Petriolo – Monticiano) is open every day and, in addition to spa baths and mud treatments, also offers everything you need to spend a day relaxing and enjoying yourself, as well as the natural pools where it is possible to take advantage of complete peace and quiet, surrounded by the most uncontaminated nature.
Besides spa wellbeing, the Terme di Petriolo offer an environmental and cultural context that allows the alternation of treatments with the pleasure of experiencing an area which is unique in the world. As we have already mentioned, the landscape is that of the Riserva Naturale del basso Merse, which embraces the final stretches of the Rivers Merse and Farma. This area, which is wild and gentle at the same time, with small hills and endless plains, where the two rivers stretch out, is home to particular animals, such as the kingfisher, and very rare ones, like the otter.
It takes just a few minutes to travel from the nature of the most beautiful places in Terre di Siena to the capital itself, the “City of the Palio”, Siena, which welcomes visitors “with its biggest heart”, as stated on the Latin inscription above the “Porta Camollia” gate, at the northern entrance to Siena. Siena really does have a big heart, which beats out a rhythm of culture, history and traditions. Traditions which are neither fake nor created specifically for tourists, but are the civil foundation of Siena, which continues to live, century after century, its antique daily life. Also close to the Terme di Petriolo is another jewel of remarkable and atmospheric beauty: the Abbey of San Galgano, which is still a landmark for curious wanderers, pilgrims and travellers. In the neighbourhood there are dozens of parish churches, castles, villages and monasteries, but San Galgano has a particular, rather ghostly charm which makes it unique. Its walls welcome visitors with their stony embrace. The floor is made of bright green grass and the Abbey’s roof – which collapsed centuries ago in the wake of a fire – is the Tuscan sky. Just a few hundred metres away there is another very popular attraction, housed inside a little church, the Chapel of Montesiepi: who expects to find a sword in a stone in the middle of the church? No, King Arthur has never been here, or at least not as far as we are aware, but this was home to Saint Galgano, who lived a very dissolute and violent life before becoming a saint. Then, one fine day, he decided to repudiate his lifestyle and, as a tangible sign of this complete turnaround, he suddenly pushed his sword into a stone. Today that sword is the cross-shaped symbol of change.
Rapolano Terme, amidst the waters of wellbeing, woods and travertine
Rapolano Terme is a small but pretty village just a few minutes from Siena. Its fortune lies in the spa waters that have made it a veritable epicentre of wellbeing for centuries. There are two spa structures, both of which are close to the woods and the many travertine quarries that streak the landscape with pink. A few kilometres from the high way that connects the Valdichiana motorway toll with the city of Siena, is Terme Antica Querciolaia, which still has the pool (naturally made of travertine) where Giuseppe Garibaldi bathed to cure a wound suffered in battle on the Aspromonte.
This spa centre has a perfect combination of cold, warm and hot pools. Thanks to the possibility to exploit thermal springs with different temperatures, all traces of which had been lost for a long time, today there is a spa system with one outdoor and two indoor pools at variable temperatures of 25°- 26° to 37°- 39°C, which can be used according to the seasons and to the most suitable treatment programme. Inside Terme Antica Querciolaia, the Wellbeing Centre offers a wide range of treatments aimed at recuperating perfect physical and mental health, facial and body beauty treatments, traditional oriental and western massage techniques for curative and aesthetic purposes. The perfect combination of ancient spa tradition and modern scientific research.
The Terme San Giovanni are located a little further into the hills. The spa waters of this structure spring up at 39°C. The structure also has a hotel. Guests of the hotel can make use of two indoor and three outdoor pools, where bathing is an absolute delight even on the coldest winter days. “Outside” clients, who come to this beautiful structure to use the spa facilities, have access to one indoor and two outdoor pools. At the Terme San Giovanni it is possible to enjoy individual or couples spa treatments for the face and body.
As regards the “après spa”, guests will be spoiled for choice as the structure is close to Siena – UNESCO World Heritage - a city that really has a lot to offer from every point of view. A tour of the City of the Palio will be the perfect excuse to feast your eyes on beauty that goes beyond the imagination, even of those who think they’ve already seen it all. Here it will be easy to be excited not only by what you see but also by what you taste, if you try some of the delicacies that make this city a point of reference for those who enjoy the purest traditional Sienese cuisine. 

Fonteverde, in San Casciano dei Bagni: piping hot charm
The Fonteverde Spa Centre, in San Casciano dei Bagni, in the province of Siena, has been described by the prestigious American magazine, Travel Leisure, as “the most beautiful spa in the world”.
Its beauty goes way beyond the luxurious interiors and immense charm, being enriched by an environmental, landscape and cultural context that makes it a temple of wellbeing of indisputable charm. The Fonteverde Spa Centre is situated below the little medieval village of San Casciano dei Bagni, overlooking the valley and set against a unique background: the “Rocca di Radicofani” fortress (that of Ghino di Tacco, the Robin Hood of medieval Tuscany) and Mount Amiata, an ancient, dormant volcano. Perhaps this place’s fortunes are due to the fact that it is so close to the great volcano. The very hot spa water that springs up at a temperature of 42°C definitely comes from Mount Amiata, the depths of which enrich it with sulphur, calcium, fluorine, magnesium and proven therapeutic properties.
Those who want to soak up all the wellbeing of these waters can do so in the three indoor pools, or in the other four pools outdoors, one of which is reserved for those “external” guests who choose to use the services of the spa even just for a day, one for hotel guests, one for children and one…. one for pets, because they benefit from relaxation and spa wellbeing too.
Two of the indoor pools are dedicated to special treatments, like Thalaquam and the Light Bath, with its chromatic programme and whirlpool, while the third, which is situated part indoors and part outdoors, is equipped with the most innovative whirlpool massage techniques, with draining and toning programmes, with an exclusive programme of whirlpools and a splendid view of the valley. The Fonteverde Spa Centre also has an outdoor overflow pool, filled with cold water and measuring over 140 m2, capable of guaranteeing relaxation and wellbeing on even the hottest days. The freshwater pool looks out onto the enchanting hills of the valley below, surrounded by an immense green lawn filled with flowers: all this offers a view which you will never ever forget.
As for the “après spa”, there are lots of opportunities for tours and trips to the surrounding territory, to the jewel-like villages of Sarteano and Cetona and to Mount Amiata, which has a very particular heritage of art and unique food, due to the fact that it has been preserved from globalisation thanks to its splendid, age-old isolation, and to the neighbouring Val d’Orcia, UNESCO World Heritage.

Bicycles, spas and tastings
The roads that seem to lose themselves and then reappear in the sea of land of the hills in this part of Tuscany are a natural itinerary in a “set” much sought after by directors, artists, photographers and writers; in short, all those capable of translating the surrounding environment into art. Here, even a cyclist becomes an artist, a little smudge of colour moving silently, leaving ephemeral traces on the white earth of lonely roads.
Cycling through the Terre di Siena means pedalling, and more. A cycling trip in this part of the world is rewarding even if you do nothing else, but it can become something unforgettable when accompanied by a spa bath, a wine tasting session or a chat with a shepherd who shows you how to make Pecorino cheese...
Travellers and cycling tourists have discovered that, beyond "Chiantishire", there’s the chance to experience outdoor life following itineraries that unveil the face of the “other Tuscany”, a destination which is still authentic and less well-known than that "Under the Tuscan sun" usually imagined from the comfort of the couch. It’s time to get on your bike and ride.

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