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SPA & Wellness in Terre di Siena

Spas and nature in Terre di Siena

Spas and nature in Terre di Siena
Spas and nature come together, forming a really winning combination, giving you a holiday dedicated to wellbeing and relaxation immersed in a unique natural setting. Terre di Siena is all this and much more. The ideal destination for a reinvigorating holiday, in which to combine the magic of walking or cycling in the middle of the natural wonders of this beautiful part of Tuscany with the benefits of the spa treatments available at the eleven Centres within the Spa System.
If you want to lose yourself among the area’s natural beauties and pamper yourself with spa treatments, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Chianciano Terme, the heart of the Siena Spa System, offers a loop itinerary, which starts from Piazza Italia and crosses the Acquasanta and Fucoli spa parks, and the opportunity to enjoy a restorative break at a spa centre. You can opt for a rebalancing course in the Sensorial Salon, where a series of unique experiences (walking in the river, emotional showers, sensorial bath, mud bath with relaxing clay, calidarium, colour therapy for the chakras and energy pyramid) guarantee regained harmony for body, mind and soul.
At San Casciano dei Bagni too, nature and spas go hand in hand. From the panoramic terrace at the entrance to the old town, it is possible to set out on a loop course which leads to the so-called “vasconi” or pools, the Grand Pool and the Bossolo Pool, antique wash troughs fed by spa waters, where you can take a pleasant dip before moving on to the internationally renowned Fonteverde spa centre.
If you prefer cycling, you can choose an itinerary of less than 20 km in the heart of the Crete Senesi, at Rapolano Terme. And, to go out with a bang, or perhaps it would be better to say in complete relaxation, end your cycling trip with a spa treatment, such as the Rugiada Spa shower massage at Terme Antica Querciolaia or an energising course at Terme San Giovanni.
Terme San Filippo, in Castiglion d’Orcia, has what was the first spa pool in the province of Siena, situated in a secluded spot, between the white limestone deposits and the greenery of Fosso Bianco. It can be reached along a path that crosses a series of steaming spa streams. It is an easy itinerary covering 10 km and starting from the locality of La Bisarca.
An itinerary not to be missed, with breath-taking scenery, to fully enjoy the Val di Chiana, stretches from Montefollonico, in the municipality of Torrita di Siena, famous for Vin Santo, to Montepulciano, where you can try out the lunar cave at the spa. A cave with a thalassotherapy pool in which the high level of salt in the water, equivalent to that of the Dead Sea, has beneficial effects on cellulite, improves microcirculation and firms tissues.
For nature and animal lovers, an opportunity not to be missed is the visit to the Basso Merse Nature Reserve, where there are still some wild otters, which are however at severe risk of extinction. Here you can choose from numerous paths, through flourishing vegetation and spa waters. The Reserve is also home to the Terme di Petriolo, in the locality of Bagni di Petriolo in Monticiano, with natural pools formed of limestone and sulphur deposits, immersed in the light, clear waters of the River Farma.
The Terre di Siena is also crossed by one of the most famous historical itineraries, the Via Francigena. A pretty stretch goes from San Quirico D’Orcia to Bagno Vignoni with its characteristic “water square”. You cannot bathe in it but the town is full of spa centres where you can recharge your batteries like the pilgrims of old.
For information on the spa centres and what they have to offer, visit www.termebenessere.terresiena.it. To find out more about these and other itineraries, go to www.terrresiena.it.

Itinerary between wellbeing, art, history and culture

The province of Siena is one of the prettiest parts of Tuscany, offering unique landscapes and emotions, winding among the scents of nature, the charm of history and art, and much, much more.



Over ten types of water, all characterised by different properties but with one thing in common; they are all spa waters with specific natural temperatures and beneficialcurative properties.



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