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Leg 13: Ponte d'Arbia - San Quirico d'Orcia


Departure: Ponte D'Arbia, Centro Cresti
Arrival: San Quirico D'Orcia, Collegiata
Total length: 27.4 km
Travel: On foot,  mountain bike
Walking time: 6 hours
Climb in altutude: 513 m
Descent in altitude: 258 m
Maximum  altitude: 399 m
Difficulty: Demanding
Paved roads: 44%
Dirt roads and tracks: 56%
Mule trails and paths: 0%
Suitability for cycling: 100%
How to reach the departure point: Siena-Grosseto railway line, Buonconvento  station, and bus line 112.

From Ponte d'Arbia, we pass the river and the Siena-Buonconvento railway line, walking alongside the tracks as far as the Parish Church of Santa Innocenza a Piana, records of which date back to the 11th century, and which was fortified at the beginning of the 15th century. We continue along a dirt road, heading south, and, after crossing the River Arbia, we enter the medieval village of Buonconvento, a typical “road-town” along the Via Francigena, remembered because Henry VII, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, died there in 1313. Having left the village, we return to the Via Cassia, climbing the valley of the River Ombrone as far as Torrenieri, where we cross the village, reaching the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene. Mentioned by Sigeric under the name of Turreiner, it was made important by its position close to the ford over the River Asso, an affluent of the Orcia, and had a fortified hospital and a castle. After crossing the railway line, we return to the old Via Cassia; after crossing the bridge over the River Asso, we begin to climb the twisting bends up the hill, until we come to Bellaria. The itinerary descends and climbs up again towards the village of San Quirico d'Orcia with its beautiful collegiate church. Refreshment and water points can be found only in the villages of Buonconvento and Torrenieri.



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