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Leg 11: Monteriggioni - Siena


Departure: Monteriggioni, Piazza Roma
Arrival: Siena, Piazza del Campo

Total length :

20.5 km
Travel: On foot, in mountain bike
Walking timei: 4.30 hours
Climb in altitude: 330 m
Descent in altitude: 282 m
Maximum altitude: 354 m
Difficulty: Medium
Paved roads: 42%
Dirt roads and tracks: 33%
Mule trails and paths: 25%
Suitability for cycling: 95%
How to reach the Departure: Florence-Siena railway line, Castellina Scalo
station, then on foot as far as Monteriggioni

  We leave Monteriggioni through the Porta Romana gate and continue walking along the ridge of Mount Maggio. The itinerary travels along the dirt roads of the Montagnola Senese towards the medieval village of Cerbaia. Along the way we will come to places full of history and symbols, like Caminata, Ponterosso, an ancient bridge with a medieval base, and
Uccellatoio. Once beyond the thick holm oak wood, we catch a glimpse of Chiocciola Castle, which owes its name to a spiral staircase present in its characteristic cylindrical tower, and which is famous for its resistance against the imperial armies in 1555. From here, we proceed to Villa, another castle in defence of the city. We then cross Pian del Lago, which is now a
dried up plain but was once a Karst lake, where the hermitage of San Leonardo al Lago is located. After reaching Cerretaie, we return to the surfaced road to Siena, entering the town through the Porta Camollia gate. The relatively short and easy leg is complicated by the complete absence of water and refreshment points.





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