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Terre di Siena on horseback

Hippotherapy and harness classes in Val di Chiana

The equestrian association Esse Secco located not far away from Bettolle is specialized in Hippotherapy and harness classes. Dr. Valentina di Goro is the association’s president and Francesco Garonis is the riding instructor.

Valentina, in her thirties, has managed to combine her passion for horses with her own profession.
Yes I have. I graduated in educational studies in Arezzo and I attended the equestrian rehabilitation course organized by the “LAPO” association of Florence in collaboration with the department of children’s neuropsychiatry at the University of Florence.

What’s the difference between the hippotherapy and the equestrian rehabilitation?
The hippotherapy is part of the equestrian rehabilitation and requires the rider’s inactivity. On the contrary, active participation is required in the equestrian rehabilitation. Here we take care of 21 children in total. 15 of them with the hippotherapy and 6 working in a pre-sporting program with a FISE (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports) instructor.

The Esse Secco association, as well as for the equestrian rehabilitation, is known for the show jumping discipline and harness racing.

Since April 2006, we have been specializing in harness racing and I can say that we are a quite good female team...

Female? Only women?
Almost. Francesco is the instructor but the rest of us are women. I am the president, Elena Guerri is the vice-president, Francesca Giomarelli is the secretary and the all councilors are women.

Let’s talk about the Harness racing.
All began for fun. Once the licence was granted we started racing with very good results: 5th place at the Tuscan Championship, 8th at the Regions’ Cup and 6th at the Italian Championship.

Prospects for the future?
Thriving with the children, supporting our passion and carrying on facing the many organizational difficulties. Always with a lot of enthusiasm.

Info and contacts: 
Centro Ippico Esse Secco, 
Loc. Esse Secco 46, Bettolle (SI)
Tel. 347.1649932


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