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By now it has become an annual cult event that adds even another attraction to Terre di Siena, should it have needed one. This is a bike race whose end result is scarcely important when compared with the inspiration underlying it. The Eroica race takes cycling back to its heroic roots, when it necessarily involved dust, mud, fatigue and a love of adventure. It recalls the pioneers of the sport and the old-time rivalry between Coppi and Bartali with a day of true athletic passion, history and culture when antique bicycles, wooll.

Today’s cycling heroes are less than famous, are dedicated cyclists and collectors who pedal in the third millennium but whose hearts are steeped in tradition. The unpaved roads of the Chianti, Val d’Orcia and the Crete are the site of the race, reminding us of our most natural dimension of travel and offering an intact environmental scenario. The itinerary requires these heroic riders to suffer and sweat, while never losing that smile of satisfaction that comes from enjoying a sport in its purest form.


The Eroica race covers distances ranging from 38 to 200 km, mostly on country roads, and both begins and ends in Gaiole in Chianti.
This race is essentially a historical re-enactment with antique bicycles, and the athletes dress appropriately for the occasion.

These heroic athletes are assisted by an entourage of antique cars and motorcycles. This is a day when sport expresses great humanity, as now it so rarely does.
The athletes start off in small groups even before sunrise.
The bicycles and their riders meet on time-forgotten roads and seek out the lost past with its solid values unsullied by today’s maniacal quest for results at all costs.


Even the rest stops offer an opportunity for hearty enjoyment, and instead of gulping down maltodextrin and pills, the athletes enjoy bread with cold cuts and sheep’s cheese washed down with a glass of wine. Some take advantage of the tasty wine grapes along the route, while others fill their pockets with newspaper-covered slabs of polenta. The Eroica race takes place at the end of September, when the grape harvest is in full swing. The race is accompanied by collateral events such as an antique bicycle display, book presentations and photography exhibits of heroic cycling that enrich the event and transform the main square in Gaiole into a welcoming meeting place. 
Whether watched or experienced, the Eroica race is a unique opportunity in Italy (and not only) to re-experience the old-time love of cycling, light-years away from the exasperation so typical in present-day sports.


More info: www.eroica.it


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