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Terre di Siena, magic streets for wheels and pedals

La strada tortuosa che da Siena conduce all'Orcia traverso il mare mosso di Crete dilavate che mettono di marzo una peluria verde è una strada fuori del tempo, una strada aperta e punta con le sue giravolte al cuore dell'enigma.
Reale o irreale, solare o notturna, assorti ne seguivano il lungo saliscendi di padre in figlio i miei vecchi con un presagio di tormento.
Reale o irreale, solare o notturna, interroga negli anni la mente - e l'idea di vita le si screzia d'un volto doppio imprendibile - interroga il pianeta duro della landa, i poggi bruciati, le sparse rocche.
E il vento, non so se dal tempo o dallo spazio, che frusta il sangue. Pensieri tirati sulla corda d'un' interrogazione senza fine non lasciano vivere, non hanno risposta. Lo intende bene lei passata da quelle dune.

(Mario Luzi)


The roads of Terre di Siena spell out poetry and draw perspectives characterised by harmony. Hills and roads play with the force of gravity, wheels and pedals follow trails which appear and disappear in the dimension of a landscape where even pedal-pushing has the lightness of an artist’s hand.

The Terre di Siena don’t hide the unpredictable instinct of a thoroughbred horse, a work of art made up of sky and hills where the roads roll along in search of cypresses, isolated farms, unspoilt woods, noble vineyards and endless wheat fields. The slow movement of a bike reveals a constantly moving setting. The seasons transform a landscape which changes appearance day by day: silver like the winter sky, bright and full of life in spring, shimmering in summer when the wheat is already tall.

Space and time expand, and travelling along these roads means discovering the origins of movement. In the third millennium, which relentlessly races forward, there’s never enough time, but this corner of Tuscany represents a remarkable opportunity to live a little differently.

The bicycle is the perfect means for regaining lost rhythms; and if you’re lucky enough to be pedalling in this neighbourhood, bends, descents, climbs, crests and valleys create the feeling of an intense and slow tasting session. The diary of an American cycling tourist who had an extraordinary capacity for synthesis and took a break to rest under a cypress tree in the Val d’Asso, reads: “Siena land. Rolling hills, winding road, me and my bicycle: emotions in motion”. This is, in fact, the land of all cyclists, from children travelling on specially mounted seats, to cycling tourists who pedal their way around the world, from adventurous bikers in search of twisting roads to cyclists who prefer the elegant road bike. This is a perfect place to pedal, where the roads aren’t measured in kilometres but in emotions; Siena is surrounded by a network of roads which seem to have been invented for those who like to travel in silence; the discreet presence of man and the wild soul of an unspoilt environment can be sensed everywhere.

The bicycle is definitely the best way to enhance contact with nature and with mankind. The body moves, the mind is regenerated, the soul discovers the heart and the intimate wellbeing of our peninsula. The Terre di Siena are a distant land, an escape route just a stone’s throw from home; a magical road suspended between earth and sky, every cyclist’s dream, the dream of those who ride with their head up to discover the world and those in search  of technical routes to enjoy pedalling in freedom.

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