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Holidays on horseback



White Country Roads and Trails

Discovering Terre di Siena on horseback means to completely rely upon the senses to live in full the landscape, moving through and being part of this unspoilt countryside: the trails leave the usual routes, beaten by man and vehicles, riding from place to place according to mother nature's rhythms where even the simple journey acquires a different temporal dimension.
From the simple excursion to the more conventional ride this corner of authentic Tuscany offers to horses and riders the chance to be reasonably pleased and satisfied, far from the usual logic of mass tourism. There is nothing here to be "consumed" but simply an experience to live and breathe. The day starts at dawn and ends at sunset and in the evening only one thought is in everybody's mind: the next day's ride. The rides take place in remote places but the Piazza del Campo and The Torre del Mangia are never too far away. Our proposals are intended for those travelers and tourists who love to roam this amazing countryside, stopping to enjoy stunning views, swayed by a land much wavier than the ocean itself. Castles and hamlets that look like hanging from the clouds, haunting ruins, little villages belonging to a romantic and remote part of Italy where the smell of bread and earth is a daily occurrence, where the local bar in the local square with its benches and fountains knows how to listen to the stories told by men who live their lives without being obsessed by the passing of time.
White country roads, wood trails and hilltop routes represent a precious invitation to travelling through this extraordinary land.

Riding as an "artistic" experience

In Terre di Siena a holiday on horseback gives the chance to discover great places from a unique point of view. Only those who move from place to place on a horseback can appreciate the intimacy of this territory's wilderness. So wild that it represents the ideal place for horse-riding. Riding in the open air means to live every single time a different experience.
Light, seasons and frames of mind are always different and travelling on horseback offers the chance to discover the special rapport that exists between the animal and the human being, a relationship that, based on utter complicity, enriches the already extraordinary experience of living one of the most fascinating and communicative landscapes on our planet. If it is true that Terre di Siena represent, more than any other place, the concept of "art of the territory" it is also true that in this evocative and harmonious slice of Tuscany the idea of "equestrian art" finds its right place. This is a little known kind of art but very rich in meaning. The "equestrian art" represents the art of "taking care" (approaching, rearing, looking after) the art of the "doing it together" (training, mounting, performing tasks, socializing, creating welfare, applying oneself to arts and crafts, pondering over the things to be done) and the "evocative art" (painting, sculpture, photography, cinema, oral tradition, literature and music).
What's there better than feeling the land around you? If to all of this we add up the chance to keep on working on the senses through a wine tasting, a dinner in a local trattoria or a thermal bath, Terre di Siena won't represent just perfection of the landscape to be admired but something more made of tasty flavours and beneficial water vapours.



Journey along the equestrian trails

The rider with his/her own horse will ride along the main trail which allows to count on several assistance stops. This way it is possible to stop at the most interesting tourist spots and it is meant for fairly experienced riders who can ride at least from 4 to 6 hours a day along mixed tracks with different levels of difficulty. This kind of ride requires experienced riders who know their horses very well and are able to well manage and administer their strengths. Not all the stops along the trail provide accommodation for the horses, in that case a shuttle service is available for the transportation of the animals.
In the eventuality that the riders do not have their own horses it is possible to hire them at locations by the tracks. In this case a guide will be available to provide the necessary assistance in pointing out the most suitable trail for each individual rider and in describing the environmental and historic features of the area. Once reached the stopping place the horse can be replaced and led back to the starting point by the centre assistants. In this way the organization guarantee the assistance along the all length of the itinerary.

Daily Rides

It is possible to organize daily excursions in the shape of loops (meaning that the start and finish of the ride are at the same location). Staying at the same accommodation for the holiday's period and riding on different trails every day allows the rider to discover the surrounding countryside. This arrangement suits best the families and riders who are not exactly experts. In any case it is, from a logistic point of view, much easier. One thing might be missing and that is the itinerant ride but staying at the same place with daily trips gives the rider the chance to discover the area in depth. The length and level of difficulty vary depending on the different trails which can be customized according to individual skills. For those who do not feel confident, the paddock is the best choice to gain a minimum of ability to then go out on a proper ride.

Custom-made courses and stopping places

Some of the riding schools provide custom-made courses in the different specialities from foundation to a higher level. For the more accomplished ones it is possible to bring their own horse, indeed there are organizations which can provide accommodation for riders and their horses.




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