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Terre di Siena on horseback


Riding in fifth gear

Very close to San Gimignano in the splendid atmosphere of Val d’Elsa it is possible to live a unique experience: Icelandic horse-riding tourism. Johanna Bergman is responsible for the equestrian activities at the Voltrona farm, agritourism and producer of wine, olive oil and horse feeds. The breeding of Icelandic horses was born from Johanna’s idea of importing the first two specimens from her native country, Sweden.

Why Icelandic horses?
Simply because they probably represent the best breed to be used for equestrian tourism. The Icelandic horses are suitable for learners and children and respond very well even to the most demanding and experienced riders. They are indeed very versatile and good-natured horses.


On holiday with the ponies

Casa Ranieri is a project born at the beginning of the ‘90s out of the passion for horses of Nadia and Piero two University professors of ethology and ecology at La Sapienza University in Rome. Today Casa Ranieri, agritourism and equestrian centre, represents a reference point for enthusiasts of horse-riding and equestrian tourism. Casa Ranieri is located on the Sienese versant of Monte Amiata facing the stunning view over the Val d’Orcia.

Nadia tells us what are the main activities at the centre.
Breeding and training of show horses, dressage, show jumping. Paddocks, stables, sheltered riding-school paddock and the club house are the main structures. 


Hippotherapy and harness classes in Val di Chiana

The equestrian association Esse Secco located not far away from Bettolle is specialized in Hippotherapy and harness classes. Dr. Valentina di Goro is the association’s president and Francesco Garonis is the riding instructor.

Valentina, in her thirties, has managed to combine her passion for horses with her own profession.
Yes I have. I graduated in educational studies in Arezzo and I attended the equestrian rehabilitation course organized by the “LAPO” association of Florence in collaboration with the department of children’s neuropsychiatry at the University of Florence.



Twitter - @Terredisiena

Terredisiena Galleria degli Uffizi. L'Annunciazione di Simone. twitter.com/UffiziGalleries/status/780439125564555264
Terredisiena Sagra del Galletto, 1 e 2 ottobre festa nel borgo di Camigliano bit.ly/2d0aD32 pic.twitter.com/NBxtooFRXa
Terredisiena Domenica 2 ottobre, L'EROICA, partenza da Gaiole in Chianti bit.ly/2dcnn4u pic.twitter.com/P63e7MqT7A


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