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Amiata mother mountain


It is not a mountain which evokes the dramatic effect of peaks and rock faces, but, in its majesty, it expresses harmony of shapes and spaces. It gently extends its slopes, merging with the wild Maremma to the west and with the gently rolling Terre di Siena to the east. The Amiata is both woman and mother and, in her woods, she conserves an ancient wisdom, a deep-rooted knowledge with which she has raised her huge family made up of uncomplicated, strong men and women: woodsmen, charcoal burners and carpenters have always found a means of subsistence in the woods. “The mountain with her chestnuts was our mother, she fed us. And not only with chestnuts”, Father Padre Balducci still remembered passionately. The term “mother mountain” isn’t just a metaphor. Chestnut flour was used to make “polenta”, a staple food in the local culture, which featured in the “chestnut civilisation” from the 8th century onwards. On the Amiata, chestnut groves are both woods and orchards. The children of the mountain have worked with Mother Nature not as “mere farmers, but as authentic gardeners of a landscape”. …
The Amiata is the ideal place for hiking that allow you to enjoy this enchanting world in the best way. For information please visit

Text by Enrico Caracciolo, from the publication “Amiata/Terre di Siena” produced by APT Siena with the municipalities of Abbadia San Salvatore, Castiglione d’Orcia, Piancastagnaio, Radicofani

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